Table 1

Number of players reporting symptoms, symptom duration (days) and symptom scores (range 1–7) for the 15 symptomatic players with a positive (11 of 20 players) or reactive test (4 of 16 players)

Symptom categoryPlayers
No. of days
Symptom score
Nose and throat symptoms
 Sore throat443
 Blocked/plugged nose (nasal congestion)253
 Runny nose343
 Sinus pressure
 Altered/loss sense of smell5145
 Altered/loss sense of taste4125
Chest and other head or neck symptoms
 Dry cough153
 Wet cough, that is, sputum/mucus (coughing up stuff)
 Difficulty in breathing (dyspnoea)135
 Fast breathing or shortness of breath175
 Chest pain
 Pressure in the chest
 Conjunctivitis (eye infection)
Whole-body symptoms
 Excessive tiredness/fatigue453
 General muscle aches and pains
 Skin rash/skin lesions
 Abdominal (stomach) pain
 Loss of appetite123
 Other symptoms