Table 2

Examples of the coding process

Coding process
Raw dataInitial codingFocused codingTheoretical coding
Q: Tell me about your back pain/injury (probing-track from your first episode and history of any following episodes)?
A: ‘…an injury is deemed to be a weakness. So if you say anything about an injury you’re in danger of losing your position. I certainly wouldn’t mention it to management’ (P8)
A: ‘… he was extremely supportive the whole way through… he tried to do as much as he could to help me with it… (coach) has had back issues while he was rowing.… he was very aware of back issues and always looking for new ways to try and help it out and it was never a case ‘oh your back’s injured come back to me when it’s ok’ (P10)
Deciding to conceal pain from management
Classifying pain as weakness
Worrying about losing position
Coach had previous experience influencing his behaviour
Recognising supportive structure
Trusting coach
Concealing injuries as something detrimental to success
Being acutely aware of position in team
Dependence on coaches
Proactive culture results in better outcomes
Feeling secure to disclose without repercussions
Coach helping athletes to a better experience
Culture of concealment
Culture of openness