Table 2

Acute SCAT5 components for concussed and control players

95% CI
95% CI
Symptom severity18.9015.751412 to 170–955.728.0332 to 40–39129.22<0.0010.803
(0.786 to 0.875)
(0.753 to 0.851)
Symptom total8.524.7887 to 90–213.323.9721 to 30–19107.92<0.0010.814
(0.767 to 0.861)
(0.758 to 0.854)
Corrected immediate memory19.344.062019 to 208–2921.532.942121 to 2214–2924.79<0.0010.660
(0.599 to 0.722)
(0.598 to 0.721)
Delayed recall Z-score−0.911.45−0.73−0.96 to −0.43−4.64–1.72−−0.27 to 0.09−4.46–2.0820.50<0.0010.669
(0.609 to 0.729)
(0.579 to 0.703)
Concentration4.161.0544 to 51–54.390.8455 to 51–52.490.1160.556
(0.492 to 0.620)
(0.492 to 0.620)
mBESS total3.943.3432 to 50–172.472.8021 to 20–149.020.0030.643
(0.563 to 0.723)
(0.546 to 0.709)
  • Quade’s ANOVA with corresponding baseline score entered as covariate. Acute mBESS scores were calculated from a reduced sample of Concussed (n=90) and Control (n=93) players who were tested barefoot (not wearing skates). Immediate Memory was corrected for list differences by using raw scores. Delayed Recall scores were corrected for list differences using normative data. Follow-up analysis of the digits component of the Concentration score was significantly different, with Concussed players recalling fewer digits than Controls after controlling for baseline performance (F=4.46, p=0.047, AUC=0.565, 95% CI 0.501 to 0.629). Performance on Months in Reverse order was not significantly associated with concussion diagnosis (X2=0.01, p=0.915, OR=0.96, 95% CI 0.47 to 1.98). Digit Span at the acute evaluation was significantly associated with Months in Reverse order performance, with a small effect (rs=0.16, p=0.003). Median 95% CI were created by bootstrapping 1000 samples. AUC and associated CI were calculated using the ROC function in SPSS. Baseline corrected AUC was created with regression by entering baseline scores as the independent variable and acute scores as the dependent variable. AUCs for the resulting unstandardised residuals were then obtained using the SPSS ROC command.

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance ; AUC, Area Under the Curve; mBESS, Modified Balance Error Scoring System; ROC, receiver operating characteristic curve; SCAT, Sport Concussion Assessment Tool.