Table 2

PPE guidance for specific clinical situations that may be encountered in the sporting environment

Clinical situationPPE level required
Maintaining social distancing as advised
No face to face contact risk
Not maintaining 2 m distance, with face-to-face contact risk2
Wound care, excluding oral/dental/nasal injuries2
Uncomplicated head injury assessment2
Managing complex injuries, with no C-spine involvement,that is, limb and joint injuries2
Medical emergency without potential for airway compromise2
Cardiac arrest with face covered (towel or non-rebreather mask acceptable) continuous compressions, AED without airway interventions2
Performing a nasopharyngeal swab2
Procedures such as managing epistaxis or oral injuries3
Aerosol-generating procedures3
Medical emergency with potential for airway compromise, that is, complicated head injury and choking*3
Cardiac arrest – with airway intervention/that is, without covered compressions (30:2), AED3
  • *Cardiac arrest has the level 2 option of face covering chest compressions in the absence of level 3 PPE. Thus, in cases of suspected choking, although level 3 PPE provides the most appropriate protection, it is appreciated that a life-saving intervention may be needed and that a shortage of time may preclude donning the extra garments. In these cases, level 2 protection should be a minimum.

  • AED, automatic external defibrillator; PPE, personal protective equipment.