Table 1

Baseline SCAT5 components for concussed and control players

MeanSDMedianMedian 95 % CIRangeMeanSDMedianMedian 95 % CIRangeZSig.AUC
Symptom severity1.873.6800 to 10–310.942.6000 to 00–183.70<0.0010.603 (0.540 to 0.667)
Symptom total1.442.6300 to 10–210.732.0100 to 00–143.69<0.0010.603 (0.540 to 0.667]
Corrected immediate memory21.393.1221.521 to 2214–2821.782.872221 to 22.514–271.100.2730.536 (0.471 to 0.600)
Delayed Recall Z-score−0.221.06−0.15−0.43-.07−3.46– to 0.43−3.05–1.722.890.0040.595 (0.531 to 0.658)
Concentration4.290.8544 to 52–54.340.895.004 to 51–51.030.3020.531 (0.467 to 0.595)
mBESS Total3.172.8432 to 30–122.372.2621 to 20–91.960.0500.583 (0.500 to 0.666)
  • mBESS baseline scores were calculated from a reduced sample of concussed (n=90) and Control (n=93) players who were tested barefoot (not wearing skates). Immediate memory was corrected for form differences by using raw scores. Delayed recall scores were corrected for form differences using normative data. Median 95% CIs were created by bootstrapping 1000 samples. AUC and associated CI were calculated using the ROC function in SPSS.

  • AUC, area under the curve; mBESS, modified balance error scoring system; ROC, receiver operating characteristic curve; SCAT, Sport Concussion Assessment Tool.