Table 1

Definition of situational Personal Protective Equipment level requirements

SituationGlovesApronFluid-resistant long armed gown/coverallsFabric/cloth mask*Fluid-resistant surgical face mask Type IIRFiltering Face Piece (FFP) respitator mask†Eye protection
goggles/full face visor in addition to personal spectacles
Non-medical scenario
Where social distancing may be breached32 including at training33
Level 1
Where government advised distancing may not be maintained at all times (currently 2 m)
Level 2
Within 2 m of player, which may include face-to-face contact for assessment and management of all individuals including those who are positive or symptomatic
Level 3/AGP
Aerosol-generating procedure (AGP or high potential for aerosol)
  • *Three layers; ater absorbent cotton, : filter and water resistant layer.32

  • †Please be aware the World Health Organisation32 does recommend FFP2 mask as an alternative to FFP3. However, FFP3 is included in this framework consistent with Public Health England advice.

  • FFP, filtering face piece.