Table 3

Results from the analyses showing the seasonal percentages of change in injury incidence, injury severity, injury burden, reinjury incidence, injury absence and match availability/training attendance between the 2001/2002 and the 2018/2019 season. Results are expressed as the seasonal change, with 95% CIs*

During trainingDuring matches
Seasonal change (%)95% CIP valueSeasonal change (%)95% CIP value
Injury incidence
 Injury incidence−3−4 to −10.002−3−3 to −2<0.001
 Ligament injury incidence−5−7 to −3<0.001−4−6 to −3<0.001
 Muscle injury incidence−1−2 to 10.498−1−2 to 10.268
Injury severity
 Injury severity10 to 20.14311 to 20.003
 Ligament injury severity41 to 70.01220 to 50.054
 Muscle injury severity1−1 to 30.29410 to 30.051
Injury burden
 Injury burden−2−4 to 00.083−2−2 to −10.001
 Ligament injury burden−1−5 to 40.759−2−5 to 00.095
 Muscle injury burden0−2 to 20.7731−1 to 20.936
 Reinjury incidence−5−8 to −20.001−5−7 to −3<0.001
 Ligament reinjury incidence−6−9 to −3<0.001−7−11 to −3<0.001
 Muscle reinjury incidence−3−7 to 00.059−4−7 to −20.002
Availability/injury absence
 Availability0.700.5 to 0.8<0.0010.200.1 to 0.30.001
 Injury absence−2−3 to −1<0.001−2−3 to −1<0.001
  • Negative values represent a reduction. Positive values represent an increase.

  • *The dependent variables injury severity and availability were log transformed. Tests for normality (Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Shapiro-Wilk) showed that this transformation was appropriate for the dependent variables.