Table 4

The number and percentage (N, %) of athletes with mild (score 1–3) and moderate/severe (score 4–7) symptoms by region and specific symptoms in the ARICOV and the ARIOTH subgroups (athletes who did not report the symptom, had a severity of 0 and make up the rest to 100%)

(% mild vs % moderate/severe)
MildModerate/severeMildModerate/severeP value
Nose and throat
 Sore/scratchy throat1225.71124.41128.21025.60.413
 Blocked/plugged nose817.818401128.21538.50.351
 Runny nose1328.948.91538.5410.30.198
 Sinus pressure36.71226.7515.41333.30.131
 Altered/loss sense of smell511.12657.825.1410.3 0.0001
 Altered/loss sense of taste817.82146.725.1512.8 0.0001
Chest and neck
 Dry cough1533.3817.8820.5923.10.449
 Wet cough613.3715.6410.337.70.104
 Difficulty in breathing817.8920001435.9
 Fast breathing or short of breath613.31124.425.11025.60.379
 Chest pain/pressure48.91022.225.1923.10.455
 Chest tightness715.6715.637.7615.40.307
 Headache613.32964.47181230.8 0.0008
 Red/watery/scratchy eyes36.7715.6410.3512.80.453
Whole body
 Fever715.61022.212.6410.3 0.013
 Chills613.31124.425.1512.8 0.035
 Excessive fatigue511.13066.7615.42153.90.13
 General muscle aches and pains715.61737.8718923.10.082
 Skin rash*2201
 Abdominal pain*5702
 Loss of appetite613.31942.2512.8512.8 0.001
  • P value: Cochran Armitage one-sided test.

  • *Symptoms where the numbers were too small to analyse between groups or produce CIs.

  • ARI, acute respiratory illness; ARICOV, acute respiratory illness Other subgroup; ARIOTH, acute respiratory illness - other subgroup.