Table 2

Items left after applying the cut-off value, including median and IQR scores (Q1 and Q3)

It is essential for the potential effectiveness of a therapeutic exercise programme:MedianQ1 Q3
1. To be based on a plausible rationale.667
2. To have a rationale for the mode of exercise.667
3. To have a rationale for the dosage of the exercise programme.767
4. To have anatomical, physiological, psychological and behavioural relevance to the injury/condition in question.767
5. That the content of the exercise programme is related to the goals to achieve.767
6. To have the potential to achieve the identified goals.767
7. That the mode of exercise is in line with the purpose of the exercise programme.667
8. To yield only minimal adverse events.667
9. To be ethically sound.777
10. That therapy adherence is adequate.667
11. That the eligibility criteria select patients that are in need of treatment.667
12. To match the goal of the therapeutic exercise to the patients problems.667
13. That, in case the exercise programme is supervised, the supervisor’s competences and skills are matched to the goals and content of the programme.667
14. That the outcome measures reflect the goals of the intervention.767
15. That outcomes are assessed with validated performance measures.767
16. That outcomes are assessed directly after the intervention.667
17. That the outcomes of the exercise programme are explained, based on a plausible rationale.667