Table 3

Consensus on assessment items that should not be included in the return to sport decision after an acute lateral ankle sprain, indicating the round of exclusion and level of agreement

Assessment item not to be includedRound (1–3)Agreement (%)
Structural integrity of the ligaments on imaging289
Pain severity over the last week388
Pain severity on palpation388
Health-related quality of life285
Hip and knee muscle endurance385
Ankle muscle length385
The Functional Movement Screen284
Aerobic fitness384
Anaerobic fitness382
Ligamentous laxity281
Ankle joint arthrokinematics378
Ankle muscle reaction time376
Acute:chronic workload376
Lower limb and/or trunk kinematics275
Hip and knee muscle strength374
Foot biomechanics274
Straight-line running speed372
Patient-reported foot and ankle function (using questionnaires such as the Foot and Ankle Ability Measure34 or Foot and Ankle Outcome Score35)370