Table 4

Estimated time difference in waking day composition associated with a risk reduction of 10% in all-cause mortality (HR=0.90) with respect to the reference composition

Reference compositionMVPA=2 min/day
LIPA=358 min/day
SB=10 hours/day
MVPA=10 min/day
LIPA=350 min/day
SB=10 hours/day
MVPA=30 min/day
LIPA=330 min/day
SB=10 hours/day
Composition difference
More MVPA and less SB (LIPA is fixed)8 min (95% CI 3 to 91)29 min (95% CI 13 to 95)52 min (95% CI 31 to 98)
More LIPA and less SB (MVPA is fixed)51 min (95% CI 39 to 79)50 min (95% CI 39 to 72)49 min (95% CI 37 to 70)
  • Computations are based on hip accelerometer data.

  • LIPA, light physical activity; MVPA, moderate to vigorous physical activity; SB, sedentary behaviour.