Table 4

Consensus agreement of the delphi phases

Phase 1Phase 2
Percentage agreementScores <3Consensus reached?Percentage agreementConsensus reached?
Headline messagesImpact Statement 195%0Yes*High—95%Yes
Impact Statement 294%0Yes*High—94%Yes
Impact Statement 388%3NoHigh—94%Yes
Impact Statement 4N/AHigh—89%Yes
Symptom statementsMusculoskeletal pain92%1NoHigh—94%Yes
Shortness of breath92%1NoHigh—97%Yes
Cardiac chest pain89%1NoHigh—94%Yes
Cognitive impairment88%2NoHigh—95%Yes
Falls and frailty95%0Yes
  • *Despite meeting agreement in phase 1, phase 2 re-tested these statements due to substantial wording changes.