Table 4

The Buffalo Concussion Physical Examination RDR-score for delayed recovery

Days since injury n (in days)1 point per day
High velocity/multiple impactNo (0) or yes (1)2 points
≥3 previous concussionsNo (0) or yes (1)4 points
OINormal (0) or abnormal (1)5 points
VORNormal (0) or abnormal (1)5 points
Tandem gaitNormal (0) or abnormal (1)1 point
OI * VOR1 if both are abnormal, 0 elsewise−4 points
High velocity/multiple impact * tandem gait1 if both are abnormal, 0 elsewise5 points
RDR-score classifications Total score range
Low risk (<30% risk of delayed recovery)0–10
Medium risk (30%–70% risk of delayed recovery)11–14
High risk (>70% risk of delayed recovery)15+
  • OI, orthostatic intolerance; RDR, risk for delayed recovery; VOR, vestibulo-ocular reflex.