Table 1

Pre-enhanced protocols compared with the enhanced protocols used during the 18-week surveillance period

Pre-enhanced protocols
(14 September 2020–15 November 2020)
Post-enhanced protocols
(16 November 2020–20 March 2021)
  • Required for all indoors

  • Not required on ice for players or coaches

  • Required for coaches on ice and bench

  • Players not required to mask on ice or bench

Locker rooms*Open
  • Closed, all players arrive at rink fully geared up or use outdoor locker rooms

  • Goalies assigned a locker room

Building entry*No restrictions
  • 5 min prior to practice or game, immediate exit

  • No hockey bags permitted in building

  • Rain protocol: players assigned to locker rooms and separate areas throughout rink

Spectators*No capacity limits
  • One parent per player in building for practices and games

  • Exception if one parent volunteering on scoresheet, time clock or penalty box

Game operations*Stop-clock periodsSwitch to run-clock periods to provide additional time between games to clear out building
Travel team tournaments*Weekend tournaments authorised
  • No overnight travel

  • If overnight travel unavoidable, team must quarantine for 10 days on returning

Symptom screening*CDC case definition, including fever (>38°C), cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches, change in taste/smell, etc.
  • Revised to focus on common cold symptoms: headache, sore throat, fatigue, runny nose

  • Fever criteria reduced to >37.5°C

DistancingRequired in lobby and all off-ice areas, not required on iceSame
Case reportingMandatoryMandatory
QuarantineConsistent with CDC guidelines; including 7 days reduced quarantine option for those with no symptoms and negative test on day 6 or 7Same
IsolationConsistent with CDC guidelines: 10 days from onset of symptoms or positive testSame
Density on ice50% (split teams, reduced ice time by half)Maintained split teams until 4 January 2021 then returned to full density
  • *Major changes implemented which exceeded USA hockey, state and/or CDC recommendations.

  • CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.