Table 5

Designated medical areas for tier 1

Wherever possible, each training and playing facility should have two designated medical areas coded as either non-AGP or AGP zones. Preferably these should be well-ventilated individual rooms; if this is not achievable, they need to be clearly marked with a minimum of 2 m between zones separating the areas.
Non-AGP area
This is the general medical room and is to be used for all non-AGPs, assessment or examination and essential treatment of participants.
AGP area
 This is to be used for:
  •  AGPs.

  •  Urgent assessment or management of a suspected infected participant.

Considerations for both areas
  • Appropriate PPE must be worn once entering the area, and it should be adequately disinfected/disposed of following use

  • If an AGP is occurring and areas are not in separate rooms, everyone not in level 3 PPE must leave the room immediately, and appropriate ventilation and cleaning must occur prior to the non-AGP area being reinstated22

  • Emergency medical equipment should be situated immediately outside the AGP area, and taken in as needed, to avoid unnecessary contamination

  • AGP, aerosol-generating procedure.