Table 4

Results of return-to-play screening in junior competitive athletes after SARS-CoV-2 infection: data are presented according to different age groups

Variables<14 years
≥14 years
Overall P value
Asymptomatic during COVID-19, n (%)162 (55.8)188 (66.9)0.002
Symptom duration (days)4.1±8.43.2±8.00.56
Resting HR (bpm)81±1575±14<0.0001
 LV EDD (mm)43.9±4.548.0±4.5<0.0001
 LV ESD (mm)25.9±4.229.5±4.1<0.0001
 LV EF (%)63.8±4.963.2±4.50.14
 Mid-cavity RV diameter (mm)27.2±6.629.3±7.70.01
 s’ velocity (m/s)0.14±0.020.14±0.020.71
 Aortic root (mm)25.6±3.328.6±3.6<0.0001
 Ascending aorta (mm)23.6±3.126.5±3.4<0.0001
 Aortic arch (mm)19.9±2.922.6±2.2<0.0001
Pericardial involvement, n (%)7 (2.4)11 (3.9)0.31
 Pericarditis, n (%)0 (0)2 (0.7)0.98
  • HR, heart rate; LV, left ventricular; EDD, end-diastolic diameter; ESD, end-systolic diameter; EF, ejection fraction; RV, right ventricular.