Table 2

Characteristics of the study participants and the hamstring injuries

VariableNumberPer cent
Study participants47
Median age in years (IQR, range)24 (4, 19–37)
 Grade 0 injuries1623
Median TRFT in days (IQR, range)17 (13, 4–70)
Location of injuryn=54
Muscle injuredn=54
 Biceps femoris long head3870
 Biceps femoris short head12
Reinjury (recurrence or exacerbation)2 (1a and 2b)3
Injured during training or competitionn=70
 Warm up for competition34
Activity during which injury occurredn=59
 Sprinting (>90% maximum velocity)3254
 Running (50%–90% maximum velocity)1627
Self-reported phase of gait at injuryn=62
 Gradual subacute1217
 Terminal swing1116
  • TRFT, time to return to full training.