Table 3

Results of the clinimetric evaluation (EMPRO), second survey, patient focus group and final consensus meeting decision arranged in reverse chronology across the table—for each measure per domain. Data are frequency count (%) unless otherwise specified. The COS-LET is in ‘Part A’ and the interim suggestions of measures that might be used and studied are in ‘Part B’

Part A: core outcome to be used in clinical trials and cohort studies
DomainMeasureDecisionVotesPatientSurvey 2EMPRO
Yes*AgreedInOutUnsureInterimScore %
DisabilityPRTEE29 (100)26 (70.3)5 (13.5)6 (16)n/a57.0
DASHx3 (8.1)25 (67.6)9 (24.3)n/a66.9
Quick DASHx22 (59.5)9 (24.3)6 (16.2)n/a72.5
Oxford Elbow Scorex6 (16.2)19 (51.4)12 (32.4)n/a66.6
Part B: interim suggestion for use in clinical trials and as a focus of future clinimetric research
Domain Measure Decision Votes Patient Survey 2 EMPRO
Yes* Agreed In Out Unsure Interim Score %
FunctionPRTEE—relevant items30 (96.8)24 (64.9)5 (13.5)8 (21.6)33 (89.2)n/a
Pain over specified timePRTEE pain subscale items 1, 4 and 5†30 (96.8)n/a
Tennis Elbow Functional Scalexn/a3 (8.1)27 (73)7 (18.9)9 (24.3)41.7
Physical function capacityPain-free grip strength26 (86.7)15 (40.5)11 (29.7)11 (29.7)24 (64.9)32.9
Maximum grip strengthxn/a6 (16.2)17 (46)14 (37.8)12 (32.4)25.1
Pain on loading/activityPain on gripping†25 (83.3)n/an/an/an/an/a
Tennis Elbow Functional Scalex4 (10.8)27 (73)6 (16.2)7 (18.9)41.7
PRTEE pain subscale items 2 and 3x19 (65.5)24 (64.9)7 (18.9)6 (16.2)31 (83.8)n/a
ParticipationTime off work22 (73.3)n/an/an/a26 (70.3)n/a
Time off sportx18 (60)n/an/an/a21 (56.8)n/a
QoLEQ5Dx20 (69)n/an/an/a22 (59.5)n/a
SF-12x6 (20.7)n/an/an/a14 (37.8)n/a
Participant Rating of ConditionGROCx20 (66.7)√‡n/an/an/a21 (56.8)n/a
Global Perceived Effect Scorexn/an/an/an/a13 (35.1)n/a
Patient Satisfaction Scalexn/an/an/an/a17 (46)n/a
PsychologicalTampa Scale of Kinesiophobiax10 (34.5)√‡n/an/an/a16 (43.2)n/a
Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scalexn/an/an/an/a14 (37.8)n/a
  • *Note that not all 31 attendees voted on all items (at least, 29 voted on 4 items)—due to time zone differences. See appendices for full data.

  • †Pain on gripping was voted in survey 1, had no clinimetric evidence but was strongly supported for interim use—noting there were 2 (6.7%) participants unsure.

  • ‡Patients were asked for their opinions on which of the measures most closely measured their condition domain and was feasible clinically.

  • COS-LET, core outcome set for lateral elbow tendinopathy; DASH, Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand Questionnaire; GROC, Global Rating of Change; PRTEE, Patient Rated Tennis Elbow Evaluation; QoL, quality of life; SF-12, 12-item Short Form Health Survey.