Table 2

Associations of ability to complete 10-s one-legged stance balance test (10-s OLS) with all-cause mortality in 1702 men and women aged 51–75 years old (123 deaths, 7.2%; median follow-up time=7 years)

10-s OLSEvents/participantsAll-cause mortality
P value*
Model 1—unadjusted
 YES62/13541 (Reference)
 NO61/3484.58 (3.21 to 6.53)<0.001
Model 2—adjusted by age
 YES62/13541 (Reference)
 NO61/3482.18 (1.48 to 3.22)<0.001
Model 3—adjusted by age, sex, BMI and comorbidities†
 YES62/13541 (Reference)
 NO61/3481.84 (1.22 to 2.77)0.003
  • *Cox proportional hazards modelling.

  • †Model 3: adjusted by age, sex, BMI and presence of coronary artery disease, systemic arterial hypertension, dyslipidaemia and diabetes mellitus.

  • BMI, body mass index.