Table 2

Likelihood of return to full sport ≤14 days or ≤21 days or return to full sport prolonged >28 days among athletes with SRC, and absolute risk differences based on having 48 hours initial rest and returning to exertion or full academics on the same day or before or after symptom resolution

Return to full sportReturn to full sportProlonged return to full sport
≤14 days≤21 days>28 days
Likelihood95% CILikelihood95% CILikelihood95% CI
Physical and cognitive rest 48 hours
Exertion relative to symptom resolution, days
 7+ before59.250.567.969.454.884.
 5–6 before59.238.779.691.281.1101.310.70.520.9
 3–4 before53.338.767.887.678.596.73.6−1.48.6
 1–2 before62.749.176.387.878.297.311.51.621.4
 1–2 after62.
 3–4 after44.436.252.769.761.877.721.314.528.1
 5–6 after44.130.657.670.957.684.
 7+ after28.019.236.939.629.250.069.460.078.7
Academics 4+ days before symptom resolution
Physical and cognitive rest 48 hours
 Y vs N−25.1−30.7−19.5*−12.0−16.8−7.3*12.98.317.6*
Exertion relative to symptom resolution, days
 7+ before vs day 0−5.2−15.35.0−19.4−34.4−4.3*19.36.731.9*
 5–6 before vs day 0−5.2−−8.413.1−7.0−18.14.1
 3–4 before vs day 0−11.1−26.54.4−1.2−11.08.7−14.1−20.7−7.5*
 1–2 before vs day 0−1.7−16.112.8−1.1−11.39.2−6.2−16.94.5
 1–2 after vs day 0−2.3−8.84.1*−6.2−11.3−1.2*−0.3−5.75.2
 3–4 after vs day 0−19.9−29.6−10.2*−19.1−27.9−10.3*3.6−4.411.6
 5–6 after vs day 0−20.3−34.7−5.8*−17.9−31.8−4.0*15.41.828.9*
 7+ after vs day 0−36.3−46.5−26.1*−49.2−60.4−38.1*51.641.262.0*
Early academics
 Y vs N−21.5−27.4−15.5*−21.4−27.7−15.2*19.113.424.7
  • Estimated with logistic regression adjusting for athlete sex, number of symptoms, number of previous concussions, and returning to full academics before symptom resolution. Early academics defined as initiating academic activities 4+ days before symptom resolution.

  • *P<0.05 for absoluted risk differences.

  • ARD, absolute risk difference; SRC, sport-related concussion.