Table 2

Results on the comparative effectiveness of the interventions from the network and pairwise meta-analyses

Combination0.18 (−0.20 to 0.55)
(N=1; I2=NA*)
−0.13 (−0.63 to 0.36)
(N=4, I2=41%)
−0.00 (−0.33 to 0.33)
(N=21; I2=46%)
Exercise−0.08 (−0.29 to 0.12)
(N=3; I2=0%)
−0.58 (−1.14 to −0.01)
(N=6; I2=69%)
−0.12 (−0.40 to 0.16)
(N=21; I2=46%)
−0.12 (−0.33 to 0.10)
(N=21; I2=46%)
Antidepressants−0.33 (−0.49 to −0.16)
(N=11; I2=38%)
−0.45 (−0.76 to −0.14)
(N=21; I2=46%)
−0.45 (−0.67 to −0.23)
(N=21; I2=46%)
−0.33 (−0.48 to −0.19)
(N=21; I2=46%)
  • Results of the network meta-analyses are presented in green and results of the pairwise meta-analyses are presented in white. Estimates are displayed as column versus row for the network meta-analyses and row versus column for the pairwise meta-analyses. Results are expressed as standardised mean differences (SMD). A negative SMD indicates a superiority of the first treatment over the comparison treatment.

  • *No evidence on I2 is available as there was only one study for that comparison.

  • †No studies compared combination treatment versus no treatment.

  • N, number of studies in the comparison; NA, not available.