Table 3

Comparative analysis of body composition among the transgender woman, cisgender woman and cisgender man groups

Transgender women (n=15)Cisgender women (n=13)Cisgender men (n=14)Comparative analysisP value
Skeletal muscle mass (kg)30.7 (SD±3.3)21.9 (SD±2.4)36.0 (SD±3.2)TW × CW****
TW × CM****
CW × CM****
Baumgartner index (kg/m2)12.6 (SD±0.9)10.8 (SD±1.7)14.6 (SD±0.8)TW × CW**
TW × CM**
CW ×CM****
Fat-free mass/Hgt2 (kg/m2)18.3 (range 15.9–23.4)15.8 (range 12.9–22.4)20.5 (SD±1.2)TW × CWns
TW × CM*
CW × CM****
%FM29.5 (SD±5.7)32.9 (SD±5.7)20.2 (SD±5.7)TW × CWns
TW × CM**
CW × CM****
  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ****p<0.0001.

  • CM, cisgender men; CW, cisgender women; FM, fat mass; Hgt, height; ns, non-significant; TW, transgender women.