Table 3

Summary of results of the intervention costs of fall prevention exercise programs for older adults living in care facilities

Author/country (income)Intervention nameDuration/frequency (range)Supervision/supervised sessions, n, (who delivered)Location (who with)US$*/wk/person (median across studies, range)
 Hewitt et al 10Strength and balance exercise using specialised fitness equipment52 wks
2 times/wk
26 (health professional)
84 (trained exercise leader)
Care facility (small group)US$9
3D (tai chi)
 Wilson et al 56Yang-style tai chi52 wks
2 times/wk
84 (tai chi instructor and care facility assistant)Care facility (group, size NR)US$3§
 Buettner57Walking and functional exercises8 wks
3 times/wk (plus daily supervised walking)
56 (Health professional or physical activity leader)Care facility (group, 3–5 participants)Total cost/wk: US$295**
  • This table only includes studies where the intervention was powered for falls and had a significant impact on falls. Results for model-based, trial-based and costing studies are presented together.

  • One costing study58 investigated an intervention that was not specifically designed to prevent falls and did not find an impact of the intervention on fall rate. The results of this study were omitted from this table but are presented in the other tables in the manuscript.

  • *In 2020 US$.

  • †Indicates trial-based economic evaluation.

  • ‡Indicates model-based economic evaluation.

  • §We assumed that the total cost of the intervention was to deliver the intervention to 50 participants based on number of participants screened by the nurses.

  • ¶Indicates costing study

  • **Number of participants engaging in the intervention not reported therefore it was not possible to calculate the cost per person per week.

  • NR, not reported; wk(s), week(s).