Table 1

Delphi panel recruitment criteria

Identification of Delphi panel and sample sizePanel members were identified through (1) expert knowledge of the steering committee and colleagues; (2) International Olympic Committee’s 11 research centres for the prevention of injury and protection of athlete health; (3) International Hip Pain Research Network Consensus Group; (4) a list of authors (lead/corresponding authors) with a track record of peer-review publications in sports medicine and science, preferably in the field of cam morphology/FAI syndrome over the past 15–20 years (2000–2021).
We oversampled to compensate for possible attrition at a rate of 25% per round.
ResearchersStatisticians, methodologists, librarians and sport scientists
Clinicians and clinician researchersClinicians who treat patients with hip-related conditions and clinician-researchers with a peer reviewed publication record in the field (cam morphology and/or FAI aetiology, prognosis, treatment), including orthopaedic surgeons, physicians (including sports medicine physicians, physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, rheumatologist, family medicine), radiologists, physical therapists
Patient and public involvement (PPI) representatives
  • Adult patients: a purposive sample of adults diagnosed with FAI syndrome and cam morphology or hip osteoarthritis and cam morphology or hip arthroplasty and cam morphology or any other joint condition (eg, inflammatory arthritis or osteoarthritis), or have a history of recreational or competitive high-load sports participation during adolescence or later,

  • Parents of young adolescents regularly participating in competitive high-load sport, irrespective of a personal history of cam morphology or FAI syndrome,

  • Sports coaches (defined as coaches of early adolescents regularly participating in high-load sports) or athletes (competitive, recreational or retired), irrespective of a personal history of cam morphology or FAI syndrome,

  • Individuals with experience in PPI, or unique perspectives on, health equity, health ethics, racial, ethnic and minority groups in sports medicine (eg, healthcare professionals involved in adolescent sports medicine screening (periodic health assessment) and patient/athlete education).

Journal editors, representatives of research funding bodies and policymakersJournal editors (eg, BJSM and JOSPT); Sports organisations/federations for example, FIFA, IOC, IAAF
  • BJSM, British Journal of Sports Medicine ; FAI, femoroacetabular impingement; FIFA, Fédération Internationale de Football Association; IAAF, International Association of Athletics Federations; IOC, International Olympic Committee; JOSPT, Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy .