Table 1

Sport disciplines represented in the cohort of Norwegian world-class athletes and their category of joint impact after the classification of Clifford and Mallon50

High joint impact sport disciplines
(N f/m athletes)
Intermediate joint impact sport disciplines
(N f/m athletes)
Low joint impact sport disciplines*
(N f/m athletes)
Unclassified sport disciplines
(N f/m athletes)
Handball (279/290)Skating (64/91)X.C. ski (73/170)Orienteering (57/55)
Football (75/176)Alpine ski. (50/56)Racewalking (47/82)Mushing (31/48)
Volleyball (101/88)Tennis (20/27)Sailing (14/62)Athletics jump (59/11)
Ice hockey (7/92)Weightlifting (3/40)Swimming (34/28)Athletics throw (61/8)
Basketball (45/44)Rock climb. (6/15)Table tennis (18/35)Hurdles (23/0)
Sprint (78/6)Snowboard† (6/12)Rowing (4/45)Athletics combined (10/1)
Middle d. run (11/4)Figure skating (9/1)Ski orient. (21/23)Triathlon (26/38)
Long d. run (51/12)Equestrian (1/2)Cycling (6/24)Ski jump (0/61)
Wrestling (0/16)N total=159/244Golf (8/12)Floorball (32/21)
Boxing (0/11)Dance (6/7)Nordic combined (0/44)
Squash (3/3)Fencing (2/11)Telemark ski (15/23)
Judo (1/1)Gymnastics (6/6)Diving (15/18)
N total=651/743N total=239/505Paddling (5/23)
Shooting (2/18)
Luge (3/15)
Badminton (8/7)
Freestyle (4/10)
Curling (2/7)
Archery (0/2)
N total=353/410
  • *Added to the classification by Klein et al 67; X.C. ski=cross-country and biathlon; orient=orienteering.

  • †Includes the sport disciplines categorised as Low and Potentially Low; Athletics jump=high jump, long jump, pole vault, triple jump; athletics throw=discus throw, hammer throw, javelin throw, shot put, weight throw; athletics combined=Athletics combined track and field: pentathlon, heptathlon, decathlon.

  • d, distance; f/m, female/male; n, number.