Table 1

Race-related and racial inequity-related coding framework

Define raceA definition for race is provided using ‘a sociopolitical framework, not a biological one, that explicitly reviews all relevant social, environmental and structural factors for which race may serve as a proxy measure.’22
Name racismRacism is named, its form identified (interpersonal, institutional or internalised) and ‘the mechanism by which it may be operating’ proposed.22
Mental health outcomeDescription of study’s primary mental health-related outcome.
Domain and level of influenceDomain and level of influence on racial inequities, using categories from the NIMHD framework.16
DeterminantSpecific determinant proposed for racial inequity given the domain and level, using those listed in the NIMHD framework16 while remaining open to other determinants not listed.
  • NIMHD, National Institute of Minority Health Disparities.