Table 3

Future policy recommendations for the screening of paediatric athletes

Policy recommendations
Paediatric specific research:
  • More research focusing on the paediatric athlete is needed.

  • Specific attention should be paid to age, sex, training status and maturation.

  • The development of normative values for cardiac testing which appropriately accounts for body size is fundamental.

  • The creation of an international paediatric athlete registry should be sought.

  • Too few paediatricians and paediatric cardiologists are sufficiently trained to provide expert opinion on the paediatric athlete.

  • Certified training pathways and a stronger engagement of paediatric and sport’s governing bodies should be developed.

  • Work towards a child athlete-centred paediatric sports cardiology specialty is merited.

Clinical practice
  • There is a need to ultimately develop and use paediatric athlete specific screening recommendations.

  • Maturation and puberty should be considered when assessing the paediatric athlete.

Stakeholder involvement:
  • A synergistic approach for guideline development is needed between paediatric and sports cardiologists, sports medicine physicians, exercise physiologists, policymakers, sporting organisations, coaches and parents.

  • Consideration for the paediatric athlete should be at the centre of guideline development.