Table 7

Checklist of issues that should be included in reports of studies of football injuries (amended from Fuller et al)39

McNoe and Chalmers54 Jacobson and Tegner50 Ibikunle et al 49 Babwah48 Nilstad et al 23 Giza et al 15 Ekstrand et al 12 Gaulrapp et al 17 Hägglund et al 51 Tegnander et al 26 Jacobson and Tegner18 Faude et al 14 Hägglund et al 51 Waldén et al 27 Junge and Dvorak19 Junge et al 53 Junge et al 52
Study design
Duration of study
Organisational setting
Geographical location
No of teams
No of players
Age range of players
Gender of players
Level of play
Medical personnel involved
Frequency of recording injuries
Frequency of recording exposure data
Training to improve the quality of data collection
Definition of injury
Definition of exposure
No of match exposures
No of match injuries
No of training exposures
No of training injuries