Table 2

Women’s elite football: overall, match and training IIRs (per 1000 hours of exposure) stratified by location of injury

DescriptionPoisson regression meta-analysis
CategoryInjury definitionAnatomical locationModelKSummary incidence rate95% CI χ 2 Wald T2 I2
OverallTime-lossHead and neckRandom50.350.26 to 0.486.65 (p=0.16)0.03126.46%
OverallTime-lossUpper limbRandom60.180.11 to 0.3012.62 (p=0.027)0.19355.69%
OverallTime-lossTrunkRandom50.350.22 to 0.559.40 (p=0.052)0.14161.74%
OverallTime-lossLower limbRandom64.543.97 to 5.1927.30 (p<0.001)0.02177.19%
MatchTime-lossHead and neckFixed21.060.53 to 2.120.31 (p=0.58)NANA
MatchTime-lossUpper limbFixed30.250.09 to 0.670.09 (p=0.96)NANA
MatchTime-lossTrunkFixed20.660.28 to 1.590.01 (p=0.99)NANA
MatchTime-lossLower limbFixed311.529.97 to 13.320.49 (p=0.78)NANA
TrainingTime-lossHead and neckFixed20.170.08 to 0.360.69 (p=0.41)NANA
TrainingTime-lossUpper limbFixed30.110.05 to 0.203.69 (p=0.16)NANA
TrainingTime-lossTrunkFixed20.050.01 to 0.200.01 (p=0.99)NANA
TrainingTime-lossLower limbFixed32.332.03 to 2.681.44 (p=0.49)NANA
  • T2, tau-squared estimate (ie, the variance of true IIRs); I2, I2 statistic (ie, the proportion of observed variation that is attributable to true, between-study variation).

  • IIRs, injury incidence rates; NA, not available.