Table 5

Women’s international football: match injury incidence rates (per 1000 hours of exposure) stratified by location of injury

DescriptionPoisson regression meta-analysis
CategoryInjury definitionAnatomical locationModelKSummary incidence rate95% CI χ 2 Wald
MatchAll physical complaintsHead and neckFixed213.187.94 to 21.850.59 (p=0.44)
MatchAll physical complaintsUpper limbFixed25.272.37 to 11.730.10 (p=0.75)
MatchAll physical complaintsTrunkFixed21.760.44 to 7.020.03 (p=0.85)
MatchAll physical complaintsLower limbFixed242.1631.77 to 55.951.26 (p=0.26)