Table 6

Women’s international football: match injury incidence rates (per 1000 hours of exposure) stratified by type of injury

DescriptionPoisson regression meta-analysis
CategoryInjury definitionInjury typeModelkSummary incidence rate95% CI χ 2 Wald
MatchAll physical complaintsFractures and bone stressFixed20.880.12 to 6.240.01 (p=0.99)
MatchAll physical complaintsJoint and ligamentsFixed216.6910.65 to 26.163.54 (p=0.06)
MatchAll physical complaintsMuscle and tendonFixed210.545.99 to 18.562.43 (p=0.12)
MatchAll physical complaintsContusionFixed215.819.96 to 25.095.87 (p=0.02)
MatchAll physical complaintsLaceration and skin lesionFixed23.511.32 to 9.360.01 (p=0.99)
MatchAll physical complaintsCNS/PNSFixed23.511.32 to 9.360.07 (p=0.79)
MatchAll physical complaintsOther injuriesFixed26.152.93 to 12.900.01 (p=0.99)
  • CNS, central nervous system; PNS, peripheral nervous system.