Table 3

Women’s elite football: overall, match and training IIRs (per 1000 hours of exposure) stratified by type of injury

DescriptionPoisson regression meta-analysis
CategoryInjury definitionInjury typeModelKSummary incidence rate95% CI χ 2 Wald T2 I2
OverallTime-lossFractures and bone stressRandom30.430.10 to 1.8228.39 (p<0.001)1.3887.45%
OverallTime-lossJoint and ligamentsRandom32.621.26 to 5.4632.65 (p<0.01)0.3891.31%
OverallTime-lossMuscle and tendonRandom32.701.12 to 6.5057.45 (p<0.001)0.56894.35%
OverallTime-lossContusionRandom30.760.55 to 1.032.51 (p=0.29)0.1023.43%
OverallTime-lossLaceration and skin lesionRandom30.070.003 to 1.3311.95 (p<0.01)4.6284.51%
OverallTime-lossCNS/PNSRandom30.230.13 to 0.411.68 (p=0.43)0.0521.62%
OverallTime-lossOther injuriesRandom30.170.09 to 0.341.62 (p=0.44)0.0826.79%
MatchTime-lossFractures and bone stressFixed20.130.02 to 0.940.01 (p=0.99)NANA
MatchTime-lossJoint and ligamentsFixed25.313.89 to 7.230.13 (p=0.72)NANA
MatchTime-lossMuscle and tendonFixed23.322.24 to 4.910.19 (p=0.66)NANA
MatchTime-lossContusionFixed23.452.35 to 5.060.04 (p=0.85)NANA
MatchTime-lossLaceration and skin lesionFixed20.130.02 to 0.940.01 (p=0.99)NANA
MatchTime-lossCNS/PNSFixed20.930.44 to 1.950.02 (p=0.89)NANA
MatchTime-lossOther injuriesFixed20.530.19 to 1.400.01 (p=0.99)NANA
TrainingTime-lossFractures and bone stressFixed20.200.10 to 0.390.10 (p=0.75)NANA
TrainingTime-lossJoint and ligamentsFixed21.080.80 to 1.454.53 (p=0.03)NANA
TrainingTime-lossMuscle and tendonFixed21.100.82 to 1.481.92 (p=0.17)NANA
TrainingTime-lossContusionFixed20.320.19 to 0.550.02 (p=0.90)NANA
TrainingTime-lossLaceration and skin lesionFixed2NA*NA*NANANA
TrainingTime-lossCNS/PNSFixed20.100.04 to 0.260.20 (p=0.66)NANA
TrainingTime-lossOther injuriesFixed20.100.04 to 0.265.50 (p=0.02)NANA
  • T2, tau-squared estimate (ie, the variance of true IIRs) ; I2, I2 statistic (ie, the proportion of observed variation that is attributable to true, between-study variation).

  • *Zero events reported in studies included in this meta-analysis, thus yielding no summary effect estimate.

  • CNS, central nervous system; IIRs, injury incidence rates; NA, not available; PNS, peripheral nervous system.