Table 1

Women’s elite football: overall, match and training IIR (per 1000 hours of exposure)

DescriptionPoisson regression meta-analysis
CategoryInjury definitionModelKSummary incidence rate95% CI χ 2 Wald T2 I2
OverallTime-lossRandom85.634.03 to 7.86177.28 (p<0.001)0.22597.61%
MatchTime-lossRandom719.0713.73 to 26.4766.73 (p<0.001)0.18193.92%
TrainingTime-lossRandom73.272.15 to 4.96121.08 (p<0.01)0.3096.25%
  • T2, tau-squared estimate (ie, the variance of true IIRs) ; I2, I2 statistic (ie, the proportion of observed variation that is attributable to true, between-study variation).

  • IIRs, injury incidence rates .