Table 3

Univariable logistic regression analysis performed to assess the influence of GJH and time until return to Tegner activity level ≥6 on sustaining a second ipsilateral ACL injury within 12 months of RTS after ACL-R

VariableValuen (%) of eventOR (95% CI) of second ACL injury within 12 months of RTSP valueArea under ROC curve (95% CI)
GJHNon-GJH4 (2.4%)
GJH4 (9.3%)4.21 (1.01 to 17.56)0.0490.65 (0.47 to 0.84)
Time until RTS (Tegner activity level ≥6) (months)0.95 (0.84 to 1.08)0.430.59 (0.40 to 0.78)
  • ACL, anterior cruciate ligament; ACL-R, ACL-reconstruction; GJH, generalised joint hypermobility; RTS, return to sport.