Table 2

Meta-regression of moderators/correlates of effects of exercise on depression

ModeratorNumber of RCTsβ95% CIP valueR²‡
Main analysis

 Mean age exercise300.0140.000.030.0460.02
 Mean age control300.0140.000.030.0410.02
 Duration of trial (in weeks)*460.0470.000.090.0320.06
 Weekly frequency*460.004−
 Minutes per session*420.008−
 Sample size†410.002−
MDD (+dysthymia) only

 Mean age exercise150.009−
 Mean age control150.013−
 Duration of trial (in weeks)*220.035−
 Weekly frequency*220.023−
 Minutes per session*20−0.005−
 Sample size†200.008−
  • *Data for a second intervention group within the same study were included for these analyses.

  • †Average sample size pre-post intervention.

  • ‡R2 equal to R2 analogue.

  • RCT, randomised controlled trial.