Table 1

Female health domains and their definitions

Health domainDomain abbreviationDefinition
Menstrual and other gynaecological healthD-MGThe health of the menstrual cycle and female reproductive organs and tract.
Preconception/Assisted reproductionD-ARUndergoing treatments to assist in becoming pregnant without sexual intercourse.33
PregnancyD-PRThe condition of being pregnant.34
PostpartumD-POImmediately follows childbirth until 2 years* postchildbirth.
MenopauseD-METhe transitional time between perimenopause and postmenopause, when menstruation surceases.7
Breast healthD-BHThe health of the mammary glands.34
Pelvic floor healthD-PFThe physical and functional integrity of the pelvic floor unit through the life stages of an individual (male or female).35
Breast feeding, parenting and caregivingD-BPProviding direct care for another individual who needs help taking care of themselves (eg, a baby, child, the elderly, chronically ill), including suckling milk from a mother’s breast.
Mental health†D-MHThe psychological, emotional and social well-being36 of an athlete.
Sport environment†D-SEThe physical and social context within which athletes train and compete.
  • *Based on WHO breastfeeding recommendation37 and mental health outcomes.38

  • †This health domain is particularly prevalent but not unique to female athletes only. Consideration should be given to all athletes.