Table 1

Participant and site characteristics

Participant characteristicsIrelandEnglandCanadaSouth AfricaScotland
Participants age range20s–30s20s–40s20s–30s20s30s
Playing experience (mean years)1–19 (10)7–20 (12)8–16 (12)2–10 (6)11
Competition levelClub first and third division, Provincial, InternationalClub first and third division, Provincial, InternationalCollege first divisionInternationalInternational
Playing position6 backs, 5 forwards2 backs, 2 forwards1 back, 2 forwards1 back, 1 forward1 forward
Country characteristics
HDI, 2019 (world ranking)0.955 (2)0.932 (13)0.929 (16)0.709 (114)0.932 (13)
World ranking9th1st4th13th11th
First year participating in Women’s Rugby World Cup19941991199120061994
First year of professionalism202220192022
  • Note: first women’s rugby world cup took place in 1991.

  • HDI, Human Development Index.