Table 2

Percent (%) of players possessing functional asymmetries and previous strains (N=100)

CharacteristicsNo of variablesPlayers (%) with asymmetries
Specific somatometric asymmetries232
Functional leg length (right–left≥1.8 cm)129
Mid-thigh girth (right–left≥1.5 cm)120
Knee laxity (right–left≥2 mm)134
Proprioception asymmetries (right–left≥15%)154
Myodynamic asymmetries (right–left≥15%)1489
Concentric strength868
Eccentric strength673
Quadriceps concentric strength317
Quadriceps eccentric strength220
Hamstrings concentric strength334
Hamstrings eccentric strength247
Functional isokinetic strength ratio (180°/s)139
Flexibility asymmetries (right–left>6°)349
Quadriceps flexibility116
Hamstrings flexibility138
Previous strains349
Previous quadriceps strain113
Previous hamstrings strain133