Table 3

Adjusted levels of abdominal adiposity and blood glucose by category of daily movement in older adults with visceral obesity19

Category of daily movement (hours/day)
Cardiometabolic parameter<3 (n=104)3 to <5 (n=134)≥5 (n=72)
Values are mean (SEM). Daily movement is categorised from answers to the question on the Yale Physical Activity Survey, “About how many hours per day do you spend moving around on your feet while doing things?” Cited examples of moving about were light housekeeping, cooking, doing dishes, grocery shopping, and leisurely walking at the mall, activities that range in energy expenditure between 2 and 4 METs.
Blood glucose is adjusted for age, gender, race, medication use, and postprandial state. Overall main effect, p<0.001; <3 v ≥3 hours/day, p<0.01.
Waist circumference is adjusted for age, gender, race, and medication use. Overall main effect, p<0.05; <3 v ≥3 hours/day, p<0.01.
Blood glucose (mmol/l) 8.6 (0.4) 6.6 (0.4) 6.3 (0.4)
Waist circumference (cm)105.7 (0.8)103.4 (0.8)102.9 (1.0)