Table 2

Most common injuries in Argentine rugby

The top nine causes of injury were statistically different on a contingency table with nine degrees of freedom (χ2 = 706.49; p<0.0001). LOC, loss of consciousness. *Without neurological injury.
1Pulled muscle of lower limbs10811.7
2Ankle ligament distension10611.5
3Closed head trauma without LOC818.8
4Knee trauma818.8
5Bleeding wound on face798.5
6Knee ligament distension495.3
7Cut on head444.8
8Muscular or ligament injury of the shoulder434.6
9Muscular or ligament injury of the cervical column*343.7
11Face trauma242.6
12Rib trauma212.3
13Lower limb trauma192.1
14Nose trauma without epistaxis182.0
15Acromioclavicular joint (sub)luxation151.6
16Lumbar spine concussion171.8
17Shoulder luxation141.5
18Thoracic trauma101.1
19Bleeding wound in lower limbs91.0
20Elbow trauma91.0
21Clavicle trauma80.9
22Closed head trauma with LOC80.9