Table 4

Frequency and location of running-related pain causing missed training days experienced during the 13-week running programme for shoe category by foot posture

NeutralPronatedHighly pronatedTotal
Neutral (Pegasus)Groin: 6Plantar foot (arch): 7Plantar foot (arch): 264 (n=8)
Knee: 38Iliotibial band: 5Knee: 1
Dorsal foot: 2Total: 12 (n=2)Total: 3 (n=2)
Hamstring: 1
Unknown: 2
Total: 49 (n=4)
Stability (Structure Triax)Knee: 33Knee: 4Total: 0 (n=0)51 (n=5)
Hamstring: 3Plantar foot (arch): 4
Anterior lower leg: 1Calf: 3
Unknown: 1Anterior lower leg: 2
Total: 38 (n=2)Total: 13 (n=3)
Motion control (Nucleus)Hamstring: 13Knee: 4Anterior lower leg: 2179 (n=13)
Knee: 6Ankle: 2Knee: 15
Iliotibial band: 5Anterior lower leg: 1Foot (unspecified): 4
Forefoot: 1Hip: 1Calf: 3
Unknown: 2Unknown: 1Total: 43 (n=5)
Total: 27 (n=4)Total: 9 (n=4)
Total114 (n=10)34 (n=9)46 (n=7)194 (n=26)
  • The number of runners reporting missed training days due to running-related pain for each subgroup is in parentheses.