Table 5

Summary of mean visual analogue scores (VAS) (±SD) for shoe category by foot posture

NeutralPronatedHighly pronated
Neutral (Pegasus)0.8±2.34.3±7.712.5±204.1±9.42.9±6.65.6±11.35.4±11.87.3±14.110.5±10.7
Stability (Structure Triax)1.5±4.52.5±6.57.3±17.32.9±5.45.7±10.411.4±17.24.6±5.84.9±5.611.6±18.4
Motion control (Nucleus)5.1±8.0*10.7±12.8*15.3±19.1*11.1±27.1*12.6±25.6*19.0±28.7*7.9±12.611.6±17.317.1±21.0
  • Numbers in bold indicate a significant difference across shoe categories.

  • * Significance between motion control shoe and both the other footwear conditions.

  • Significance between the neutral shoe and the stability shoe only.

  • ADL, activities of daily living.