Table 3

The summary of included studies examining the efficacy of therapeutic taping

StudyNType of tapingInterventionControlDesign/materialKinematics measurementMean differenceSDSEMean difference (95% CI)
Harradine et al467Low-dyeShoe + Low-dye tapingShoe only25 mm rigid zinc oxide ‘Leukoplast’ tape2D1.204.751.80−3.55 to 5.95
Harradine et al467Low-dyeShoe + Low-dye tapingShoe only2D0.604.351.64−3.75 to 4.95
Jamali et al4720Others (Windlass taping technique)Barefoot + other taping techniqueBarefootNot reported2D4.301.300.293.00 to 5.60
Keenan and Tanner4818Low-dyeLow-dye tapingBarefoot25 mm rigid sports tape2D0.601.970.46−1.37 to 2.57
Keenan and Tanner4818Others (high-dye taping)High-dye tapingBarefoot2D3.20NRNRNR
Kersting et al4910Others (stirrup taping technique)Barefoot + other taping techniqueBarefoot25 mm rigid sports tape3D5.200.910.294.29 to 6.11
Moss et al356Low-dyeShoe + Low-dye tapingShoe onlyNot reported2D−0.303.951.61−4.25 to 3.65
Moss et al356Others (stirrup taping technique)Shoe + other taping techniqueShoe onlyNot reported2D2.704.051.65−1.35 to 6.75
O'Sullivan et al5020Low-dyeBarefoot + Low-dye tapingBarefoot38 mm rigid zinc oxide ‘Leukoplast’ tape3D1.394.020.90−2.63 to 5.41
Whitaker et al5122Low-dyeBarefoot + Low-dye tapingBarefoot1 and 3 inches sports tape2D4.601.200.263.40 to 5.80
  • 2D, 2-dimensional; 3D, 3-dimensional; NR, not reported.