Table 1

Descriptive anthropometric characteristics for male junior rowers compared with Belgian reference data 16

Male jnior rowers (n=383)
DimensionMeanSDRangeBelgian median (n=1098)
*Maximum girth of the tensed upper arm (maximum flexed); †midway between acromium and olecranon, arm relaxed; ‡maximum girth.
—, data not available.
Body mass (kg)82.27.460.0–108.164.7
Stature (cm)187.45.8167.6–201.5175.4
Sitting height (cm)–106.791.4
Leg length (cm)90.73.878.3–99.184.0
Arm length (cm)82.93.371.6–92.6
Biacromial diameter (cm)41.51.737.0–48.739.1
Bicristal diameter (cm)30.31.626.2–39.1
Humerus width (cm)–8.67.0
Femur width (cm)–18.29.6
Biceps girth (cm)*32.91.927.4–40.028.1
Upper arm girth (cm)†29.81.924.1–36.3
Forearm girth (cm)28.61.324.3–33.3
Thigh girth (cm)57.93.348.5–68.251.3
Calf girth (cm)‡37.71.932.8–44.834.9
Biceps skinfold (mm)–9.3
Triceps skinfold (mm)–15.96.8
Subscapular skinfold (mm)–16.58.3
Suprailiac skinfold (mm)–18.07.7
Thigh skinfold (mm)–25.7
Calf skinfold (mm)–21.5