Table 3

Component loadings: pattern (P) and structure (S), communalities (h2), % of variance, and cumulative % of variance for principal component analysis on climbing variables

ItemsComponent1 P/SComponent2 P/SComponent3 P/Sh2
Component labels: Component1 = training, Component2 = anthropometric, Component3 = flexibility.
Leg length−0.94/−0.860.81
Arm span/0.38−0.87/−0.940.96
Body fat−0.85/−0.89/0.430.90
Ape index/−0.450.78
Hip flexion0.75/0.750.59
Hip abduction−0.75/−0.710.77
Hang time0.91/0.900.84
Lower body power0.53/0.68/−0.570.81
Upper body power/0.59−0.50 /−0.720.79
Climbing rating0.74/0.700.70
Knee extension0.51/0.590.60
Knee flexion0.71/0.710.64
Shoulder extension0.89/0.910.85
Grip strength0.81/0.790.70
% of variance39.0615.3510.36
Cumulative %39.0654.4164.77