Table 4

Comparison of mean age, stature, and weight of male junior and elite heavyweight and lightweight rowers competing in international tournaments

CategorynAge (y)Stature (cm)Body mass (kg)Reference
German national team 1975 2718.0186.681.6Ditter and Nowacki23
 British and Greek national team 1985 817.6190.283.1Koutedakis and Sharp24
 Belgian national team 1988 1017.0186.881.2J Bourgois and J Vrijens
 German national team 1989 1917.5191.583.7Steinacker et al25
 World Championships 199738317.8187.482.2Present study
Elite heavyweight
Olympic Games 1968 8524.3185.182.6De Garay et al18
 Olympic Games 1976 6524.2191.390.0Carter et al26
 FISA champions 1425.6192.093.0Secher19
 FISA competitors 1325.1189.084.0Secher19
 Dutch national team 1988 1824.1190.079.3Rienks et al27
Elite lightweight
 World Championships 198514424.3180.770.3Rodriguez6