Table 5

Comparison of mean length, breadth, girth, and skinfold measurements of male junior rowers (present study), elite heavyweight 26 and lightweight 6 rowers competing in international tournaments

Body dimensionsElite heavyweight (n=65)Elite ligthweight (n=144)Male junior rowers (n=383)
SHSR, sitting height to stature ratio; LLSR, leg length to stature ratio
Sitting height (cm)99.793.896.8
Tibial height (cm)51.450.4
Leg length (cm)91.787.690.7
SHSR (%)52.151.551.6
LLSR (%)47.948.548.4
Biacromial diameter (cm)42.536.041.5
Bicristal diameter (cm)30.228.530.3
Humerus width (cm)7.87.6
Femur width (cm)10.410.3
Biceps girth (cm)30.732.9
Forearm girth (cm)30.325.628.6
Thigh girth (cm)60.351.057.9
Calf girth (cm)39.334.437.7
Triceps skinfold (mm)
Subscapular skinfold (mm)
Thigh skinfold (mm)
Calf skinfold (mm)