Table 2

Mean total testosterone and free testosterone for very high volume runners, high volume runners, and controls

Normal rangeVery high volumeHigh volumeControls
Data are expressed as mean (SD) [range]. Normal range for hormone concentrations taken from Arce and De Souza.40 No significant differences observed between groups.
Total testosterone (nmol/l)10.4–38.215.1 (2.6) [12.9–19.6]22.8 (3.6) [21.0–30.8]18.2 (7.1) [12.2–37.0]
Free testosterone (pmol/l)50.0–13054.4 (7.9) [48.0–68.0]69.0 (8.3) [58.0–80.0]73.7 (27.3) [36.0–117]