Table 2

Means (SD) for psychological inventories for experienced bodybuilders, inexperienced bodybuilders, and weightlifters

ScaleExperienced bodybuildersInexperienced bodybuildersWeightlifters
abSignificantly different at p<0.001 except for SPAS-Fac2, where p<0.05.
BDS, Bodybuilding dependency scale; AIMS, athletic identity measurement scale; SPAS, social physique anxiety scale; SocDp, TrnDp, MstDp, social, training, and mastery dependence; SocId, social identity; Excl, exclusivity; Fac, factor; Listen, listening support; EmotSp, emotional support; EmotChl, emotional challenge; TasApp, task appreciation; TasChl, task challenge; TanAss, tangible assistance; PercAss, perceived assistance; SSS-Tot, total social support.
BDS-SocDp24.77 (4.43)ab19.29 (3.68)ab12.91 (4.58)b
BDS-TrnDp16.69 (3.07)a14.13 (2.94)a13.00 (4.83)a
BDS-MstDp12.74 (1.38)a7.29 (2.29)a6.39 (2.50)a
AIMS-SocId21.60 (2.96)a12.97 (3.58)a11.48 (3.12)a
AIMS-Excl21.54 (2.84)ab14.35 (2.93)ab9.96 (4.13)b
SPAS-Fac118.29 (2.83)ab14.19 (3.33)b16.13 (1.42)ab
SPAS-Fac214.85 (5.00)a18.58 (5.71)a17.04 (4.41)
EmotChl18.80 (3.08)a16.48 (1.63)a17.61 (2.98)
EmotSp23.63 (3.09)a18.68 (4.68)a18.30 (3.95)a
Listen21.46 (2.85)a16.74 (3.02)a17.87 (4.31)a
PercAss24.31 (3.18)a17.29 (4.78)a19.17 (3.92)a
Reality21.60 (3.58)a15.94 (4.49)a17.78 (3.54)a
TanAss21.34 (2.97)a17.48 (1.69)a17.48 (3.50)a
TasApp23.20 (3.24)a17.54 (3.96)a18.48 (3.92)a
TasChl22.83 (2.96)ab16.77 (3.67)b19.22 (3.88)ab
SSS-Tot176.11(18.26)a136.94(22.53)a145.78 (26.43)a