Table 3

Playing experience, training status, and employment related physical activity levels of amateur rugby league forwards and backs

Values are reported as means (95% CI).
Playing experience (years)12.4 (8.5–16.3)9.8 (6.5–13.1)
Total training status (hours a week)3.3 (3.0–3.6)3.6 (3.1–4.1)
Team training sessions (number a week)1.9 (1.8–2.0)1.9 (1.7–2.1)
Team training sessions (hours a week)2.9 (2.8–3.0)2.8 (2.5–3.1)
Individual training sessions (hours a week)0.4 (0.1–0.7)0.8 (0.4–1.2)
Employment related physical activity (hours a week)18.7 (9.7–27.7)16.6 (6.3–26.9)